What are the side effects to Comfortis?

So what are the side effects of Comfortis? Some dogs has experienced vomitting. Some has experienced Diarrhea. other dogs has experienced lethargy. It all varies. My dog has not experienced any of this.

I guess it has to do with Spinosad being so powerful. I am not veterinarian or medical doctor. I am only looking at the label and coming to this conclusion. If you really want to get rid of your dog flea problems then try out Comfortis. But please check in with your veterinarian first to make sure you dog can take this. When i first got Comfortis it was througha  vets office. I had to wait for like… forever. Then she gave me a fat bill plus comfortis.

Nowadays, since everything is done online.. i found comfortis online for a really low rate and price. You can check out my site to find out where i got it for cheap without any coupon codes.

How I get to play with my dog after comfortis treatment

Nowadays, since the flea infestation is gone on my dog I can play with him peacefully without catching any fleas. Back then, the fleas use to hop on me and bite the hell out of me. That was something I was scared of. But now, he’s all good. I allow my dog to sleep right next to me and also sleep in my room without having to worry about fleas living in my home anymore. My dogs bald patch is healed. I didn’t need to do much. Deng, I can’t believe I got comfortis best price online versus going to the vets office.

Main Ingredient in comfortis is Spinosad

So the main active ingredient in comfortis is Spinosad. In the laboratory, spinosad for dogs started to kill fleas within 301 minutes and killed about 98% of them within 4 hours. A simple Google search will give you more information on spinosad and what it does.


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